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At Freewaters, we believe that being a great partner means being hyper focused on problem solving for both our end users and our retailers. 

What we are all about

Performance: We are humbled and honored to have been nominated as a REI Vendor Partner of the Year for 2018, making Freewaters a top 1% performer out of 1200 vendors.

Opportunity: We are in the midst of an amazing shift as consumers priorities are now focused on shared experiences and travel versus just material objects. They want less that does more - products that are highly versatile and that enrich their lives.

Sustainability: We believe every detail matters and that small actions can have powerful impact. We are committed to sourcing sustainable materials with a special focus on materials that minimize water use and water pollution.

Reliability: We have continually received top marks on vendor scorecards from partners like REI and Zappos on delivery, fill rates and EDI logistics.

We look forward to discussing how we can create a powerful partnership together. Let's get started!

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