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Water for all

Each pair of Freewaters provides clean drinking water through our grassroots water projects

Your purchase of Freewaters helps us fund our water projects

How we do it


Our approach super simple! We take 1% of our sales and use them to fund directly into our water projects. 


We select a partner with that share our values of sustainability, build sustainable, community-owned water projects while respecting the local communities. 


Once it has the Freewaters seal of approach the water project begins on location. The entire project is monitored by us and our partners on location until it is completed. Seems like a simple enough way to accomplish something so helpful to those in need.

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We recently donated to a project to help bring water to 6 families.


Helping families and schools have filtered water systems for clean drinking water.


We help provide clean water in the remote mountain village of Haiti since 2014.

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We have completed 36 wells in rural communities around the area of Kisumu and Kitale since 2010.

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In 2016 we launched our first water project in the Philippines and in 2018 we expanded even more.

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As global citizens who love to travel, surf and chase waterfalls, co-founders Martin and I have a longstanding and deep respect for the healing power of water. At Freewaters, we believe access to clean drinking waters should be a fundamental right, not a privilege.

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Eli Marmar
Co-founder: Freewaters

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